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We can put any design you see on this website

onto any shape you choose

Aluminium Custom Pet Tags come in (3) different shapes.....

(Bone, Heart & Circle)

How are tags made?

All Tags are designed on both sides (front & back)

Tags are NOT engraved, they are sublimated.


What is Sublimation?

Sublimation is a process where you take an image - that has been created on a computer and then printed out using special sublimation transfer inks. Once the image is printed out it is placed under a heat press on top of a poly coated item and heated until the inks turn to a gas which are embedded into the tag.

                                   All tags come with a hook 

If you would like a different saying feel free to email us. We will work together to see what the design team can do for you.

REMEMBER........you choose your design & shape for your pet(s).

The Design team is always working on designing new Pet Tags